IBM SlamTracker


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IBM SlamTracker is the premier scoring application for the US Open which provides real-time scores, statistics, and point-by-point analysis of the Match.

IBM SlamTracker leverages player and ball position data to provide insights such as “Depth of Serve” and “Distance/Point” a player may have traveled along with traditional stats such as aces, winner, unforced error, etc.

IBM SlamTracker includes insights based on “pressure situations” within a match (down 0-40 in a game or down 2 sets, which show the historical performance for a player when in these specific “situations”, revealing hidden patterns in player and match dynamics.

In 2018 we redesigned the interface to give fans a full view of all the live action, as well as reintroducing “Momentum” which visualizes the competitive flow of the match.

IBM SlamTracker’s “Keys to the Match” feature is built using IBM’s predictive analytics technology (SPSS). The system analyzes over 12 years of Slam Tennis data analyzing players’ historical head-to-head match-ups, as well as against players with similar styles to determine what the data indicates each player must do in order to do well in the match.